Advocacy fees

OUR PRICES to attend court to advocate for you

Advocacy fees differ from fees to run your file. They are fees to prepare for your hearing and attend the court by telephone or in person to represent you at the Courts.

Delphine Akinsete is a litigator and she advocates at the:

  1. Magistrates Courts in Family and Criminal law matters
  2. The County Court in Family Law cases, Civil Litigation Cases, Housing matters, Landlord and Tenancy Matters, Debt Cases the Employment Tribunal and the Immigration Tribunal

We will instruct Counsel to advocate at the High Court and Court of Appeal. We can attend any courts with Counsel:


i. To advocate at a small claims hearing £450
ii. To advocate at a Family Law or fast Track court hearing listed for 1 hour £1500
iii. To advocate at a Multitrack court hearing lasting the whole day From £2500 -£5,000
iv. To attend an adjourned hearing £450
v. Advocacy only, 1 day Fact Finding hearing £1500 – £5000  depending on the issues and amount of paperwork and number of witnesses
vi. Advocacy only 2 days Fact Finding Hearing £2000- £7000  depending on the issues in the case and the amount of paperwork and number of witnesses
vii. Advocacy only 3-4 days Fact finding Hearing  £4,000- £9,000 depending on the issues in the case and the amount of paperwork and number of witnesses
viii. To attend court as Solicitor with Counsel who would advocate at court –  whole day £1200
ix. Advocating at 1 hour telephone hearing for existing Family Law clients £650
The above does not cover fees for preparing the court bundle ( £200-£300)
x. Attending Alternative Dispute Resolution meetings in  Multitrack or Fast Track cases £750
xi. Attending Interviews under caution, meetings with Social Services £450- £650 Depending on paperwork, location and the duration of the meeting.
xii. Advocating at the Immigration Tribunal- whole day £2000 – £3,000


If we have to instruct Counsel to attend court to advocate for you, we will let you know what Counsels fees are before they are instructed. Counsels charge an hourly fee and they will charge for preparation of the case, travel, waiting and advocacy.

A junior Barrister will usually charge £1500 plus VAT for a 1 hour hearing and £4,000- £5,000 for a one day hearing.  Silks charges are up to £10,000 plus VAT for a 1 day hearing.