For every signature we sign as Solicitors on a Statutory Declaration, Affidavit or a similar document we will charge £15. Therefore, if you have a 100 page document but a Solicitor needs to sign on one page the fee will be £10- £15.

If the document is a Will we will charge £5 to engross the will.

 For every page of your document that we certify we charge £15

We can charge less if you have more than 5 documents to sign or verify.

If we will be contacted by a third party such as the Foreign Office, Land Registry, Home Office or financial institution to verify our signature, we will charge more for time spent. It is usually a minimal fee. We will let you know the fee before we sign the document.

Preparing a Statutory Declaration, travel Consent letter or Affidavit (not for Probate) – up to £200

ID1 forms are not included here. We charge £150 all-inclusive to verify and certify 1D1 forms.

Please note that if we are to advice you on a document then we charge an hourly fee of up to £200. For example:

Independent Legal advice (ILA) per person, Per Guarantor, per Director.

Witnessing TR1 (no advice given) £15 per signature page
Witnessing Statutory Declarations (no advice given) £15 per signature page
Advising occupiers and dealing with occupier’s consent forms £100- £225 per occupier
Advising occupiers and dealing with occupier’s consent forms £150 all inclusive- same day turn around