Litigation – general


With her expertise in Civil Litigation, she has won Judicial review and Bail application cases

Litigation areas
  • Bank ‘Business Support’ & Loan Recovery Claims
  • Bank Reviews of IRHPs / Swaps (FCA / FSA Review)
  • Company Directors Disqualification Proceedings & Disqualification Orders
  • FCA GRG Review into Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Global Restructuring Group (GRG) Activity
  • Forex Derivatives (FX) Mis-selling
  • Hidden Swaps in Fixed Rate Loans & TBLs
  • Interest Rate Swap Mis-selling Advice

Litigation, or dispute resolution as it’s also known, involves assistance with disputes and claims which may arise in the course of any commercial transaction or deal. Such matters could arise between different companies, or between companies and individuals. Issues which fall under litigation can range from contractual matters, banking transactions and fraud, to mergers and acquisitions, regulatory mechanisms or competition, corporate management and restructuring problems.

Why is litigation important? What does it involve?

Often when people think of litigation, they think of lawyers taking claims to court or defending claims brought against their clients. However, due to the cost and damage to business relationships that occur during court battles, dispute resolution is often used. DELPHINE PHILIP LAW (SOLICITORS) have specialist litigation and dispute resolution departments, we work closely with colleagues from other departments (e.g. banking and finance, corporate, commercial and real estate) and a whole host of other support staff.

What makes us a good litigator?

Our litigator teamhave good communication and negotiation skills. However, it’s not so much about arguing cases but making a cogent and reasoned case in favour of your client’s interests. Our staffs have good academic background and are flexible and creative when it comes to tackling new challenges, with  a keen sense of commercial awareness, a good command over legal and technical principles and the ability to present facts, law and strategies in a reasoned and persuasive manner.