About us

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer a high-quality effective and efficient legal service to each and every client inrespectively of their race, status, background or query. 

We apply the law to individual circumstances. Let us help you win your case. Call us now. 01322611857 or 07957200996.

Every individual is different and it is important to us that the relevant case law is applied to each and every case. We offer great clientcare and ensure that no matter how complex your case is we handle it with the relevant expertise and dedication.

Our qualification and skills make us stand out as we have the expertise to deal with cases that might have an element of another area of law without instructing various Barristers to look into various areas of law in your case. This saves you time and money. For instance, we have experience in dealing with cases that involve elements of Family Law and Criminal law, Family Law, and Immigration and Criminal law.

Our passion to see that justice is applied in every case, clients are charged fairly for work done and our commitment to excellence makes us the right firm for you to instruct.

What Makes Us Your Best Choice?

We have been described as being very friendly but equally professional. Our Director is a Grade A Solicitor with vast experience practising and Teaching the Law. This means that we are able to apply the law to facts in a matter that brings about a desired end irrespective of the complexity of your case. We give you advice that you can rely on with prospects of success that is very honest. We have a passion to help you solve your legal query so we offer different funding options.

 Our fees are highly competitive including offering No Win No fee Agreements and we offer home and Hospital visits for certain areas of law like Probate, at no extra charge.

Getting the right Barrister for you

As Solicitors we can instruct a Barrister for you to advocate at court on your behalf. We will ensure that we get you the right Barrister with the right level of expertise and year of call.


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