Wills and probate

It is important to make a Will whether or not you consider yourself to have many possessions or enough money. We can assist with applying for probate. We also offer services whereby we can help you prepare a schedule of assets and liabilities owned by the deceased. We offer a tailored, high quality service that ensures our clients interests are managed and protected in line with their wishes for their lifetime and for the benefit of future generations.

We provide advice on:
  • Drafting and updating Wills – our lawyers will explain all the possible options, including many you may not have thought of, to not only take into account your current circumstances, but how you can ensure your beneficiaries are well cared for and that your estate is protected should something unexpected happen.
  • Probate and administration of estates – we are often appointed as professional executors and trustees; alternatively we provide probate advice and support for lay executors or administrators to make the process of obtaining the Grant of Representation and administering the estate as straightforward as possible.
  • Mental capacity issues and Court of Protection – there are occasions when individuals are unable to make decisions for themselves due to a mental health condition, a severe learning difficulty or a sudden accident – we can help to ensure that your affairs, and those of your family or loved ones, are properly taken care of at a time when you, or they, are at their most vulnerable. This could involve powers of attorney, deputyship applications, or setting up personal injury trusts.
  • Tax and trusts – we advise on more general tax and trusts planning as part of a wider wealth protection strategy – UK and/or offshore tax advice or assistance with the creation, management or termination of trusts. We are also able to provide general advice to you if you are a trustee.

Wills and Inheritance Disputes -DELPHINE PHILIP LAW have the expertise to represent you through what can be a complicated and stressful process, and we always handle matters in a tactful, efficient and cost effective manner.

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