Private client – Probate

We are different because our clients can talk directly to a qualified solicitor with one single point of contact. You’ll find our expert lawyers confident, friendly and easy to work with. We measure our performance on quality, integrity, and above all, getting the right result for you.


DELPHINE PHILIP LAW (SOLICITORS) work with individuals and families, providing legal advice on a variety of matters such as investments, taxation, estate management, wills and testamentary issues.

DELPHINE PHILIP LAW (SOLICITORS) provide advice which will help preserve, build and maintain wealth and establish trusts. We also offer prudent guidance on matters, such as inheritance tax and capital gains tax.

Why is it important? What does it involve?

The workload DELPHINE PHILIP LAW (SOLICITORS) might be comprised of drafting wills, executing the terms of the will in the instance of death, and the subsequent disbursement of properties and assets. We also help clients to look after and grow their wealth, locally or internationally.We apply tax law in many cases.

DELPHINE PHILIP LAW (SOLICITORS) work for charitable bodies to provide legal services for registration, restructuring, creating charters or trust deeds, compliance with statutory and local authorities and regular management and disbursement of funds, which have been received or earned for charitable endeavours. Other activities will include provide investment advice, helping to set up offshore trusts, drafting contracts and business proposals and handling sponsorships.

Break it down for me a little bit!

DELPHINE PHILIP LAW (SOLICITORS)  have excellent people management skills. We handle communications, discussions and negotiations articulately and efficiently. A comprehensive knowledge of law and commercial matters when dealing with taxation, inheritance, investments and trusts is essential.

DELPHINE PHILIP LAW (SOLICITORS)  have a good understanding of the foreign markets where clients hold their assets and funds. They may also need to interact and coordinate with people abroad and deal with organisations that operate offshore or in overseas tax havens.

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