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Legal fees  in settlement agreement matters 


If we act for an Employee  in advising on a Settlement agreement matter

Your employer will make a contribution towards your legal fees or pay all your fees. You will pay for any shortfall less than £500 plus VAT if your employer wishes to contribute to your legal fees.


If we have to correspond or negotiate terms with your Employer or amend your Settlement Agreement (and also advice you on same) then we will charge between £750 – £1800



Legal fees  in settlement agreement matters 


Drafting a Settlement Agreement for an  Employer


£750- £1500


If we have to dialogue with the Employee or their Solicitor then we charge an hourly fee (£265 – £350).


Issuing a claim/ET1 or Defending claim/ET3 in unfair or wrongful dismissal claims


Simple case: £1000-£3,500


Medium complexity case: £2,500 – £10,000


High complexity case: £10,000 – £25,000


We use the services of Counsel in complex Multi day’s hearings. The Counsel/Barristers fees will be obtained and passed on to you before Counsel is instructed. Junior Barristers can charge between £1500 for a 1 hour hearing and £5,000 for a full days hearing.

You can ask us to instruct Counsel in your matter and we reserve the right to instruct Counsel to attend your matter at court. The Counsel, level of calling, their instruction, fees etc. will be discussed with you before we intercut Counsel.

If we attend the Hearing with Counsel we will charge £1200 for one day or £1,000 or less for multiple days hearing which is not unusual in Employment law matters.