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We will offer you an efficient and effective service. But you might have concerns about how we are handling your matter, what you think we should have done in your case or what we have not done in your case. If you have any complaint about our services, we will be very happy to deal with your complaints in a bid to  resolve the problem.

If you ever have to complain, we have an internal procedure which we will follow in a bid to deal with your complaint immediately. Firstly, you will need to contact the Solicitor Delphine Akinsete letting her know your concerns or complaint. You can email her at

When we take on your case, we provide you with a  Client Care Letter where we set out in detail  our Terms of Business, how we will deal with your matter, timescales for dealing with your matter, what we aim to achieve in your case and our complaints procedure. You can also refer to our client care letter to you on how we deal with your complaints and concerns. Please feel free to ask us for a duplicate of that letter if you no longer have it.