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It is not always practicable to give the total costs of our services. What we give here is the average or range of costs. This is because cases differ and our fees are based on how much time we spend on your work and the hourly fees of the fee earner carrying out your work.

When you contact us, we will let you know the experience and qualifications of anyone carrying out your work, and of their supervisor. Delphine Akinsete is the Director at our firm and she supervises all fee earners. She will be your Solicitor.

We will also give you the description of, and the cost of, any likely third party fees (disbursements) , and where we do not know  the actual cost of a disbursement, we will give you the average cost or range of costs

We will let you know if the fees we charge you or any disbursements attract VAT. If they do VAT will be charged at 20%
We will also let you know:

  1. the extent of work that will be carried out in your case
  2. our fees for the work
  • the key stages of your matter
  1. likely timescales for each stage
  2. details of any services that we charge you for
  3. When you are liable to pay our legal fees where we have entered Conditional fee or Damages based Agreements with you.
  • The percentage we will charge you for Condition fee agreements and Damages based Agreements and whether we will get our fees from any damages.

Delphine Akinsete is a Grade A Solicitor and her fees are up to £300 (plus VAT at 20%). Her Assistants charge £160.00 (plus VAT at 20%) per hour. Delphine Akinsete supervises all the work carried out in our firm.

You will be advised if VAT at 20% is payable in your matter.

We can charge:

  1. An hourly fee
  2. Reduced hourly fees in some circumstances where we decide that it is fair to do so to enable a client have access to justice. We can also agree to charge a reduced hourly fee with you based on the quantity of work you want us to carry out.
  • fixed fees
  1. A percentage of the estate in Probate cases.
  2. A fee on a Conditional Fee Agreement basis

Note that if you win your case in court you might get your legal costs from the other side. If you lose your case in court you are likely to e asked to pay the other side’s costs. This will not exempt you from paying our fees as well. If we enter a No Win No fee agreement with you then you will not pay us our fees if you lose your case but you might need to pay all third party fees.